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Daily topic: Financial planning (7-23-15)

Topic of the week:what it takes to run a home based business and finding a system to make
money with.

Daily topic: Financial Planning 7-23-15)

Question of the day: Are you utilizing financial planning to manage your finances?

The purpose of financial planning is to become aware and more clear about
your financial situation consistently as cash flow through your house hold at
all times you want know where your money is going and where it’s coming from.
you also must utilize financial planning to determine how you wish to spend
your time, money and energy to attract time plus financial freedom.
it is very important that you stay dedicated to this task because how you spend
your time, money and energy determines your financial future..
If you want the job done right, then you got to do it yourself.
you should want to track what you are spending, what money is coming into your
house hold. You should want to track what money is going out of your house hold
to ensure that your spending habits and methods are ideal as you wish for them to be.

you should want to track your money flow to get ahead financially. You remember that
financial planning involves setting goals while utilizing time management skills to take care
of your bills and stuff so that you may plan to get ahead financially.
First you gotta see it in your first by knowing what you want, you must know why you
want what you want.You must know what it will take for you to get what you want.Then you
must take action for results as you are consistent and persistence no matter your results
of making changes accordingly. Once you know what you want, you must write out the action
steps that you are willing to take to achieve your aim for the job to be done or to complete
the task.You must remember that you got a daily, schedule order of operation. you got a weekly
schedule order of operation.You got an monthly schedule order of operation and you have a yearly
schedule order of operation.This will all sum up to one big operation of how you wish to
spend your time, money and energy to attract time and financial freedom. now what you need to do is
write your list of liabilities,this is money that is going out of your house hold. things that you have to pay once per month.The overall goal of the your
your list of liabilities to pay ahead 3 to 6 months so that you may spend money on other things that will
assist you in making a difference in your life.It takes commitment, trial and error to get this right
according to your goals because you will will know if this is right according to your goals..
The next thing to focus on is your expenses,this’s money that is going out. you must spend money accordingly to have money.
The next thing is the assets, this is something that makes you more money through leverage and delegation.
if you it does not make you more money, then it is not an asset.. if you purchased some leverage to
make more money and you are using that leverage accordingly for results, then it is an asset that pays you as you are getting paid.
The next thing is cash flow, this is the money that comes into your house hold.so every time you get your
paycheck you should write a list of everything that you need to pay as you adjust your money spending
accordingly.you must know where your money goes at all times and where it is coming from so that you
can have more money to spend to play with professionally to produce results.

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