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Daily topic:Seeing how the money you spend can help create opportunites..(07-11-16)

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The Topic of the week:Working smarter while working harder.

The Daily topic:Seeing how the money you spend can help create opportunities..(07-11-16)

The Question of the day:Have you noticed that the people who are not successfully in business are not spending money on marketing?

Message:It never fails, time after time again.Some people complain about some things, instead of making a  change. But what seems so obvious and simple is almost like the hardest thing to do.Some do not realize how much of a difference it would make to keep things simple to assist in bringing out a change into one’s life.You are off track of your goals without the proper action towards an order of action steps for a cause and effect.If you continue to do what you always do, you will continue to have what you’ve always got while missing 100% of the shots that you never take.This’s why you must know your why for doing what you do in order to do what you must. you must know what you want, you must know why you want what you want.You must know what it’s gonna take to get what you want and you must take action accordingly.

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